The Fast, Easy, Fun Way 
to Swing Into Shape!
  • Fun & Easy
  • Strenghten Your Core
  • Improve Flexibility
  • All Fitness Levels
  • Lose Pounds & Inches
  • No Impact Workout
Fluid, No Impact Motion with Maximum Results!
Use anywhere in your home
 - even while watching TV!  
Folds for easy storage.
Adjustable height & tension makes it perfect for any fitness level.  
Secure plush padding protects elbows & knees.
The ergonomic design uses kinetic energy for a super efficient workout with no stress & strain on your joints.

Swing Your Way to a Stronger Core, Trimmer Hips, and a More Powerful You!
Burn calories & lose inches off your waist!
Eliminate love handles & firm your glutes!
Tighten & tone your abs & strenghten your core!

Exercise & Fun In the Same Workout! 
"I'm so excited about the ExerSwing. 
Not only is is fun and easy to learn, 
but it's so effective."
"I love the ExerSwing. I hop on this in the morning and I can get that full body workout in a minimal amount of time and I feel great."
"I like the fact that the ExerSwing is simple, easy to use and I can do it any time of the day, evening or night. It's perfect."

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